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Azure Infrastructure - Azure Application Hosting

Hosting SaaS Azure solutions to meet your business continuity and data protection needs - critical issues for every organization

 Azure offers companies safe, convenient, and efficient storage services for all their needs, but there must be considerations with pricing, data accessibility, and data loss risks with Azure-hosted applications. The hosting options include:

  • PaaS Capabilities -Azure provides developers with strong PaaS capabilities such that they have access to the complete infrastructure needed to build and deploy apps. This infrastructure includes development tools, middleware, database management systems, business intelligence services, etc. Azure’s PaaS takes away the expense of sourcing software licenses and other development tools. Thus, allowing your team developer to build, test, deploy, manage and update applications within the cloud.
  • .NET Framework - Azure’s compatibility with the framework allows enterprises to use Windows apps designed in the .NET programming framework 

SoHo has a designated Azure team that can offer cost-effective enterprise solutions that apply strong business domain expertise and deep insight into Microsoft technologies.

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Database Migration
  • Custom Tool Integration
  • Application Modernization
  • Cost Optimization
  • Workflow Automation
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Static Web Instances
  • Azure Dev Spaces