SharePoint Knowledge Management Training

The Challenge

SharePoint training is a key component to a successful SharePoint implementation. A well-designed enterprise content management (ECM) system such as SharePoint can optimize information sharing and retrieval. However, part of the power of such a modern enterprise application is that it is highly customizable. This is why SoHo Dragon so often identifies missed opportunities with SharePoint-adoption strategies from customization to training.

SharePoint Training Provides an Edge

Sullivan & Cromwell, one of the top 10 law firms according to Vault's national ranking, approached SoHo Dragon to handle its SharePoint essentials training. Sullivan & Cromwell had already established a robust SharePoint intranet that implemented its main objectives. The key outcome of the implementation was to increase productivity by creating synergy and context between the three elements that are at the heart of Sullivan & Cromwell’s success:

  • People (partners, paralegals, and legal secretaries)
  • Places (virtual workspaces such as customized case rooms)
  • Things (all of the content the company depends on – authored by people, managed by systems, and stored for easy retrieval)

Sullivan & Cromwell had identified key users who required training to optimize the “things” element  that is, their information retrieval. These knowledge workers’ function was to meta-tag essential content and build out information-discovery journeys for the firm’s user base.

The Solution

SoHo’s highly-effective SharePoint Record and Document Retention Course empowered Sullivan & Cromwell knowledge workers to optimize their use of SharePoint for information and document storage and retention.

The course covers:

  • Record and document retention best practice – recognizing the strengths and limitations of SharePoint regarding retention policies
  • Record routing – how to automatically route a record to the appropriate document library
  • Policy enforcement – how to enforce separate policies according to record type
  • Programmable interface – how to integrate the records store with additional sources to enable seamless submission of records
  • Hold – how to avoid deleting or archiving records according to policy

The Outcome

An Effective SharePoint Implementation Requires SharePoint Training

The SharePoint training enabled knowledge workers to attain expertise in sophisticated content cataloging and knowledge retrieval. The workshop included training in comprehensive search and knowledge audits. By understanding how the server crawls through structured and unstructured content in order to extract, organize, and store the data, Sullivan & Cromwell’s knowledge workers were fully supported to optimize their business function.











Our Role

  • Training workshops
  • Best practices on SharePoint knowledge management
  • Streamline information discovery to as few clicks as possible

Project Success

  • Increased organizational effectiveness
  • Knowledge sharing beyond the network drive
  • Digital discovery of content
Project duration

Project duration

3-6 Months

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