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Going from Classic to Modern

Transform from a classic to a modern framework and see how SharePoint to be tool for enterprise-level content management, web authoring experience, and modern intranet design.

audience (1).png Audience


Technology-1.png Technology PowerShell
type-1.png Type Coaching
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 2 sessions, 1.5 hours each
skills-1 Skill Set

IT Pro

With the release of modern sites, Microsoft has improved the interoperability between their other services within the Office 365 landscape. Modern sites have improved the user experience by modernizing both the list and library functionality and enhanced page authoring to create beautiful modern pages. This Digital Transformation coaching will show you where you can take advantage of these new features and functionality as the instructor will guide you through the process of transforming classic sites into a modern site infrastructure.

Instructor: Microsoft MVP Tom Daly

The coaching sessions will take you through the modernization process of:

  • Analyzing your existing environment
  • Maximizing modern list & library experience
  • Connecting your site to an Office 365 Group
  • Transforming pages from classic to modern
  • Remediating SharePoint customizations

This coaching is for the person in charge of upgrading their existing classic SharePoint sites and pages to take advantage of the new modern experience. This includes Site Owners and Tenant Admins.

Understanding of SharePoint site architecture, sites, lists, libraries, pages, and any customizations within the environment. Ability to execute PowerShell scripts.

2 Sessions, each  1.5 hours long Online or on-site (Tri-State area)

Session 1: 1.5 HOUR

Migration to Modern 


  • Modern UI
  • Classic UI

Modernizing the UI

  • Identify & Educate
  • Analysis
  • Modernize

Modernize your classic SharePoint sites

  • Connecting to O365 Group
  • Switch to a modern tenant-scoped branding
  • Classic Pages into Modern Pages

Session 2: 1.5 HOUR

Modernizing Customization’s

  • List Customizations
  • Web Parts
  • Embedded Code
  • List Commands
  • Add-ins / Apps
  • InfoPath
  • Workflows
  • 3rd Party

Modernizing Publishing Sites

  • Information Architecture
  • Transforming Pages


Learn to evolve from a classic to a modern framework for SharePoint branding.