Office 365 Adoption Workshop – Hedgefund

The Challenge

SharePoint and Office 365 migration and installations require a solid user-support phase. This needs to be provided by an experienced and empathetic training team. New features and enhancements are continually being rolled out for both SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Features and functionality that are available in SharePoint Server may be different from those in SharePoint. This often leaves even experienced users confused. 

A SharePoint migration can also mean huge shake-ups in employee workflow. Some employees may be losing their personal storage space for the first time in their working lives. Should this coincide with dropping back-channel communication tools, such as email, and moving to collaborative messaging workspaces, such as Microsoft Teams, then they are undergoing fast demands for change – a workflow revolution.

The client for this project was a hedge fund. As an investment fund, the relevance of the data managed and the robustness of the risk-management strategies used are key. This means that the quality of information management and communication in such a business model is a direct predictor of its success.

SoHo’s client wished to ensure that their employees fully engaged with their chosen administrative toolset. For teams to adopt enterprise-level content management systems (ECMs) such as SharePoint, it is necessary to provide a transition period in which just-in-time knowledge is scaffolded to increase employees’ confidence and ability with the tool.

The Solution

By regularly engaging with the team over six months, SoHo improved user adoption of:

  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365

SoHo has an established and highly impactful curriculum to engage trainees. But, supporting such a major workplace transition means being more than just a trainer. The role involves being part therapist, part lawyer, and a friendly ear. Our experienced and certified Microsoft instructors are ready to take someone by the hand to teach them a concept. And, key to being good instructors, they get out of the way fast rather than become obstacles to the trainees.

SoHo provided a blended model of live instructor-led virtual sessions and live instructor-led onsite training in the company’s major offices.

The Outcome

By providing group training and opportunities to work with our subject-matter experts one-to-one, the team was able to optimize the hedge fund’s employees’ use of their chosen toolset. The hedge fund’s team was supported in becoming confident in applying the information management, content management, and communication tools. Team members are fully empowered to streamline their business processes and increase productivity.

SharePoint and Office 365 Migration Improves ROI

By project end, SoHo successfully:

  • Drove acceptance and adoption of the Office 365 platform
  • Increased the firm-wide user adoption of SharePoint
  • Optimized the use of Office applications
  • Raised productivity
  • Improved ROI by ensuring the optimization of information management


Asset Management






O365, Azure


Our Role

  • In person training,
  • Training videos,
  • Explanation of tips and tricks that we actually use

Project Success

User adoption, 
Security explanation of the Document encryption process,
User productivity win - No more emailing of attachments
Project duration

Project duration

3-6 Months

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