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Teams Remediation – Tenant Clean Up

Get a clear picture of which Teams sites are active, outdated, or unused. Then formulate archival policies to effectively manage  automated cleanup.

audience (1).png Audience Stakeholders, Administrators
Technology-1.png Technology Teams, M365, SharePoint
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 2 Days
skills-1 Skill Set


SoHo’s senior architects will perform a full review on your environment using Orchestry, a full life cycle, insights, adoption, governance, and provisioning platform for Microsoft Teams and across Microsoft 365. This tool will provide us with a clear picture of your sites that are currently active, outdated, or unused. With this information, we can formulate archival policies per your business needs to effectively manage the automated cleanup and organization of outdated teams.

This workshop is ideal for administrators who want to take a "just-enough-governance" approach to Teams, with templates, standardization, and adoption.

In this workshop, you will learn the state of your Teams environment and create a how-to action plan to fix and prevent the Teams environment from being a "Wild West."

SoHo uses Orchestry for reporting in this workshop. Purchase of this tool is not required.

During this two-day workshop, we will partner with you, use the Orchestry platform to understand your Teams environment, and produce a report of its current state.

Session 1 – Discovery

SoHo will get to know your M365 environment. We will install an Orchestry trial in your tenant and generate a MS Teams and Modern workspace inventory report. **Classic sites are not included.**

Session 2 – Analyze

In this session, we will discuss the findings of the report, which include items such as Teams with few or no members, one admin, inactivity based on usage, and test or temporary workspaces.

Session 3 – Act

SoHo will work with you to review the findings of the report. We will define and implement archival policies suited for your environment. We will share best practices, tips, and approaches to site provisioning, governance, and reporting.

After taking this workshop, you will have full visibility into the status of the teams contained within your MS Teams environment. You will have established an automated process for when stale sites will be cleaned and how that cleanup will take place.