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Recruitment Services

We find the right candidates at the right price for the right position. That's why SoHo is the right talent-sourcing provider for your company.

Our recruitment division provides contingency- and retainer-talent sourcing across all levels, focusing on IT, financial services, health care, and lab work. 

We work with you to handpick each strategic new hire because we understand every new professional can impact your business's bottom line. Our recruitment process is so precise, we know we can meet our clients’ needs with only a few candidates. We’ve even succeeded with just one candidate!

We help companies with these recruitment challenges:

  • Talent shortage
  • Attracting the right candidates
  • Targeting passive candidates
  • Engaging with qualified candidates
  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • Creating an efficient recruiting process
  • Securing a positive candidate experience

SoHo can assist with your recruitment using our AI-based talent-sourcing processes.

Recruitment FAQs

How Does SoHo's Contingency Service Work?

Contingency recruitment is a type of recruitment in which SoHo collects a fee from a client only when a qualified candidate is searched and placed by them for the position in question. 

How Does SoHo's Retainer Service Work?

The SoHo recruiter team receives a sum of money (a retainer) before work, securing a commitment and agreement between the recruiter and the client. Executive-level or front-line positions, which are more difficult to fill, are most frequently connected with retained recruitment.

SoHo's Veteran Recruiting

If you are a veteran, first, thank you for your service. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made and value the experience you have gained through your service in the military or as a military family member.

SoHo Dragon is part veteran-owned and recognizes that military veterans possess unique skills and experiences that make them valuable assets in the civilian workforce.

At SoHo Dragon, our veteran recruiters are dedicated to connecting companies with top-tier veteran professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success.

We understand transitioning veterans' challenges and are committed to guiding them through the career transition process. Whether you need assistance with military skills translation or veteran outreach, our specialized team is here to support you every step of the way.

High-Volume Recruiting

SoHo has a number of AI tools that can parse thousands of resumes in seconds.

We have a data lake of resumes that parses, auto-detects, and extracts all the key information about candidates and captures vital information. And this is step 1.

Step 2- We can conduct mass interviews with velocity.

Laboratory Staffing

SoHo Dragon's laboratory staffing division brings forth unparalleled industry knowledge in sourcing qualified candidates for scientific and medical roles for both temporary and permanent positions.

These roles include:

  • Medical Technologists
  • Medical Lab Scientists
  • Clinical Lab Scientists
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Our proven track record with eminent scientific and research organizations underlines our dedication to supporting the development of innovative pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and treatments with a global reach.

Our laboratory staffing does not need to hurt.

What's The Next Step?

Speak to the recruiter via the website chat or our Contact US page.

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Screening and Evaluation
  • Reference Checks
  • Job Posting and Advertising
  • Interview Coordination
  • Negotiation and Offer Management
  • Temporary and Permanent Placement
  • Industry Specialization
  • Compliance and Legal Support
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Snowflake
  • Service Now