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Digital Transformation for Legal Contract Management

Microsoft + SharePoint + Financial Markets


The firm now has policies and best practices in place to manage, automatically route, and retain critical information and documents.


Financial Markets

Practices Practice Development
Technology-2 Technology

SharePoint on prem

Our-Role Our Role
  • Creating proactive reactive repeating
  • No code solutions – all configurations
Project-Sucess Project Success
  • Company has ECM that complies with its regulatory landscape
  • Versioning issues are mitigated
Project duration Project Duration 3-6 months

Cost-effective digital transformation is an ongoing challenge. One of the innate issues is that it can be difficult to replace redundant toolsets that were adopted early in the corporate structure. Email is one such tool. Email excels as a very effective one-to-one backchannel. An email chain, however, can quickly become unmanageable as a communication strategy and it is most certainly a poor choice for most administrative processes.

SoHo’s client, KGS Alpha, is a New York-based fixed income broker-dealer specializing in U.S. mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and asset-backed securities (ABS) in the institutional investor market. KGS Alpha required a cost-effective contract management system for its legal and compliance department. The company was determined to drop the practice of emailing contracts around.

KGS Alpha needed a system with automation that simplifies every step in the contract process, making it easier to buy, sell, and manage everything from a single screen.

SoHo implemented the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in SharePoint, integrated with Microsoft 365. By customizing the SharePoint environment to suit KGS Alpha’s business functions, SoHo supported various needs, such as:

  • Alert notifications – reminders
  • Security trimming
  • Parent/child relationships with task management
  • An automated contract process across every department
  • Centralized management of every contract, at every stage, including negotiation, all in one place
  • Fast implementation and high adoption rate

KGS Alpha can now boast of an optimized workflow. The company's digital transformation journey resulted in secure ECM that complies with its regulatory landscape. With all contract management in one content management system, versioning issues are mitigated. KGS Alpha is now positioned to leverage SharePoint site architecture, sites, lists, libraries, and pages, and to build in bespoke customizations in response to its evolving business environment.

Key outcomes include:

  • A robust contract management system that requires zero end-user training
  • A solution that scales with the organization
  • Fast implementation and high adoption rate

Cost-Effective Digital Transformation with SharePoint

With SharePoint addressing a particular business function with an optimized workflow engine, user attitudes to SharePoint have shifted. This means that the client is well placed to extend its use of ECM to enjoy:

  • Modern pages and responsive browser support
  • Additional workflows
  • Optimized collaboration and communication