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Data and Artificial Intelligence - Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box and customizable AI tools, APIs, and models that can help modernize your business processes faster.

SoHo helps you harness the power of Azure Cognitive Services to gather and deliver AI technologies within reach of every developer without  expertise in machine-learning algorithms. The services take an API call to integrate the automated abilities like seeing, searching, understanding, hearing, speaking, and stabilizing decision-making into the applications. This service adds value to developers’ skillsets, allowing them to easily add AI capabilities to applications.

Our Microsoft MVP team has thoroughly researched existing financial market trends, regulated prospects, operational processes, and the organizations  with offerings in this space. We are well equipped to advise you and recommend the best cognitive solution for your company.

  • Azure AI Search
  • Computer vision, speech, and language
  • Cognitive insights
  • Image recognition
  • Bot interactions
  • Bot agents
  • Power Platform
  • Azure OpenAI Service