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Year End Review Video 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Dec 2022

Team Building at SoHo Dragon's India Office

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast November 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast October 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Sep 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast August 2022

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Our Developers

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast April 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast May 2022

Leadership in a Zoom Economy with Microsoft Teams

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast March 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast February 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast January 2022

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Dec 2021

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Nov 2021

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Oct 2021

Teams Tuesday Meetup Podcast Sep 2021

Teams Tuesday Podcast August 2021

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Teams Tuesday Podcast June 2021

Teams Tuesday Meetup May 2021

Migration Process and Approach

Six Critical Things to Consider When Moving to Microsoft 365

Things to Look & Remember

Migration Process

Enterprise Content Management is at Crossroads

Building a Compliant User Centric Microsoft 365 Strategy

Microsoft 365 Core Components and Underlying Services

What is Microsoft Teams

The Collaboration Story

MS Teams Storage

MS Teams Components

Teams Tuesday Meetup April 2021

What is SharePoint Spaces

What is Mixed Reality

What is 3D

How can i experiment it

Teams Tuesday Meetup March 2021

Expertise and Answers

Content Services

Viva Topics (knowledge and Expertise)

Microsoft Viva

Teams Tuesday Meetup Feb 2021

What are the Core Challenges

Why Power Virtual Agents

Empower Users to Build Solutions

What are Power Virtual Agents

Teams Tuesday Meetup Jan 2021

Teams Tuesday Meet Up December 2020

Advanced Tips (Office Lens & Quick Note)

Advanced Tips (OneTastic & Recording)

Advanced Tips

Anatomy of OneNote

Connect OneNote to Teams from Outlook

Managing Meetings

OneNote and Microsoft Teams

Things to Remember (OneNote Challenges)

Why Should I Use It

What is OneNote

Approvals with Teams and Power Automate

Triggers & Actions


What is Power Automate

Microsoft Teams Connectors

Teams Tuesday Meetup October 2020

Teams Tuesday Meetup September 2020

Lack of Platform Exploration

Errors of Omission

Conspicuous by Absence

Breadth more important than Depth

Where to Start

What Compliance Wants

Business Challenges

Technical Challenges

Why Global Relay

Teams Tuesday June Meetup

Loss of Opportunity

Using Chat Group Instead of Creating Team

Teams File Storage And Custom Permissions

Security and Productivity

Operational Inefficiency

No Communication and Unedited Video Link

DIY Governance downside

How do people manage it out of the box

Not Good Enough, DIY Governance

Top 10 Teams Governance Challenges

Which Tool to Use When and Why

What is Teams and Office 365 Governance

MS Teams – Conditional Access

MS Teams – Using Apps for MFA

MS Teams – We are No Longer on a Perimeter Network

MS Teams – Multi-Factor Authorization

MS Teams – Password Management

What an incredible year 2018

What an incredible year 2017

A good MS solution


A look back at Side By Side: A Celebration of Service

Our Culture

A good Mobile App

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