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Orchestry Simplifies Microsoft Teams & Microsoft 365 Workspace Management

Discover WORK MADE SIMPLE with seamless governance, insights, templating, provisioning, and lifecycle management for SharePoint, MS Teams, and across Microsoft 365.

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Cross-Platform-150x150 Templating

Teams templates include channels, tabs, permissions, and users. SharePoint templates include custom Web Parts, lists, and libraries. Planner templates include buckets and tasks.

Easy-to-Set-Up-150x150 Lifecycle Management

Handle Creation - limited SharePoint & Teams templates, Active Usage - Teams/site usage/monitoring impossible, Sunsetting - content sprawl and growth problems.

Secure-150x150-1 Governance

The intuitive and scalable governance policies are built around Groups, Teams, and SharePoint sites. This is ideal for guest management.

Fully-Documented-150x150 Reports and Insights

You get insights into your environment to drive collaboration, compliance, and security.

Customizable-150x150 Provisioning

With a beautiful interface, users can create sites and choose the features they need.

Cross-Platform-150x150 Adoption

Adoption obstacles are overcome with a standardized interface.

endusers-rounded-red-new END USERS
  • Know what to use when
  • Request and use Workspaces with no IT assistance
  • Use starter Workspace templates
  • Find teams and sites easily
  • Create Orchestry features with no code
  • Reuse Orchestry Web Parts in your own solutions
  • Create rich templates based on SharePoint, Teams, Planner, and Lists
itadmins-rounded-red-new IT ADMINS
  • Govern your Microsoft 365 assets
  • Provide a best practice Workspace for users
  • Create an approval workflow and naming conventions
  • Use advanced provisioning capabilities
  • Get Workspace insights
  • Enjoy easy lifecycle management
developers-rounded-red-new DEVELOPERS
  • Extend Orchestry with your own custom components
  • Reduce time spent making templated solutions
  • Customize Orchestry provisioned templates with your own code post provisioning