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Regulation Intel88

A compliance solution to automate and assess real-time authoritative source content against your risk disposition

A cost-effective GRC solution to manage risk, policy, threat, privacy, business continuity, and vendors


The application is ready to integrate tool-agnostic inbound content from any regulatory intelligence source that provides outbound content feeds to an open API.

Utilize regulatory Intelligence UTILIZE REGULATORY INTELLIGENCE

You can set up a cadence to assess regulatory updates and content additions and inform stakeholders.

assess report and monitor ASSESS, REPORT,

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to assess controls against changes from regulatory institutions.



License Type



Prices do not include SmartSuite licenses or data feeds. A two-year minimal contract is required. See the 15-minute product demo.

$1,250 USD/ month/ unlimited users 

All plans are monthly. We believe that prices should be fair and honest, and that your trust should be earned not demanded. So we got rid of middlemen and long-term contracts. No nickel and diming. No hidden fees. We don’t get paid unless you are happy. That’s exactly the way it should be.

Our Process

Workflow Discovery

Solution Design

Solution Implementation


Change Management


Ongoing Support

Understand a client's workflow and process  mapping it Develop a blueprint and implementa-tion plan Building your SmartSuite solutions (Base build, Data Migration, Automation, Interfaces, etc.) Integrate your business-critical apps to SmartSuite via API + Custom Coding Solutions Build a change and communications plan, change champions, and portal This can be delivered virtually and/or in person Get support in the form of a monthly retainer or hours of support of demand


Built on the SmartSuite platform, the application is flexible to adjust to your viewing needs and ready to scale and integrate throughout your organization to create a culture of compliance at your credit union.

Easy-to-Set-Up-150x150 Easy to Set Up

It’s easy to start using this pre-built application from within SmartSuite. Yes the science project of an installation is now gone.

Cross-Platform-150x150 Content Integration

Integrate authoritative industry content with your internal control catalogue from the get-go.

Battle-Tested-150x150 Battle-Tested Product

Our products are built to perform and use in some of the most complex and dispersed office environments.

Great-User-Experience-150x150 Great User Experience

There are no additional user interfaces. Created with the end-user in mind, this template driven application features a compliance hub and intuitive dashboards for you to monitor risks and adjust controls as needed.

Customizable-150x150 Business Continuity

Create robust business continuity and recovery plans, then manage initiation, testing and activation when required. Ensure that plans are available to address key risk scenarios to ensure your business operates effectively during times of crisis. 

Secure-150x150-1 Privacy Compliance

Simplify data privacy compliance for General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and support best-in-class privacy practices. Make processes easier for your teams while increasing customer confidence.

Fully-Documented-150x150 Assess and Monitor

Get simple interfaces to view and assess your controls against any regulatory changes from your intelligence feeds, with recommendations to accept, transfer, or remediate a given risk measured against the regulatory deltas.

Human-Support-150x150 Two-Click Reports

With two clicks, you get a comprehensive, aggregated record of your organization’s regulatory compliance, change intelligence, and assessments. Centralize your reports and response procedures to track events through restoration of business as usual.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I install this product?
From the SmartSuite template gallery. See link
How do I pay for the Regulation Intel88 product?
Speak to SoHo sales – See the chat on the lower right-hand side. Or fill out the call -to-action form.
What is SmartSuite?
SmartSuite provides a collaborative Work Management platform that enables teams to plan, track, and manage any workflow - whether it be a project, an ongoing process, or routine everyday tasks. It is ideal for GRC management. Jon Darbyshire, the CEO of SmartSuite, is the original entrepreneur in the GRC space and founder of Archer Technologies.
Does SmartSuite integrate with Active Directory?
Do I need my regulatory change source?
Yes, and SoHo Dragon can make recommendations for your regulatory requirements, business objectives, budget, and best practices.
How secure is the data?
SmartSuite is hosted on AWS, which is the market leader in hosted security configuration. SmartSuite also has ISO27001 and SOC2 Certification.
How quickly can a deployment occur?
Based on your business requirements, it can be as fast as two weeks.