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Murex 3.1.39 Implementation & Support

Cloud + Murex + Banking


The bank now has a fully customized regulatory-compliant MX.3 platform installation and has earned a reputation for outstanding risk-management strategy.



Practices Practice Cloud
Technology-2 Technology Murex
Our-Role Our Role
  • Murex human capital fulfillment
  • BA and technical support and upgrade
  • Implementation of the XVA module
  • Integration
Project-Sucess Project Success
  • Cost effective implementation
  • On time and on budget
  • Program and project management
Project duration Project Duration 3-6 months

The capital markets are increasingly complex and interconnected. Financial institutions need a dependable IT platform to help them navigate the evolving ecosystem, and a Murex platform is a perfect fit.

As with so many financial institutions, our client required a robust, dependable, yet flexible IT structure. Our client positioned itself as a full-service swap dealer with multi-asset derivatives. The client's initial research identified the Murex MX.3 platform as a potential trading and risk-management platform for its purposes.

A business analyst (BA) from SoHo Dragon liaised with our client’s team to determine detailed requirements for the solution. Our expert BA had previous experience in implementing the Libor transition in Murex and the XVA in Murex. The BA was responsible for developing the specification for the client’s global operating model.

The BA gathered all the necessary requirements such as:

  • Transaction format
  • Data pipelines
  • Interface requirements
  • Validations
  • Security
  • Business rules and processes

SoHo then translated the Scoping and Business Requirements documents into a tailor-made Design Document. SoHo consultants followed up on the solution implementation to build the specified configuration.

An MX.3 platform should only be implemented once the requirements are established 

Once developed, SoHo tested the configuration and the Murex functionalities through the project validation phases. Preproduction, the team worked closely with the client's in-house teams to ensure a solid knowledge transfer.

With the requirements and specifications covered, SoHo implemented the required customizations and initiated the MX.3 instance.
Once the setup of the MX.3 platform was complete, SoHo:

  • ensured a smooth implementation by coordinating the testing, training, and rollout of the new platform
  • mitigated delivery risk by implementing the back-office stream separate from the front-office stream

A regulatory-compliant MX.3 platform installation

The client is empowered with a fully customized, regulatory-compliant MX.3 platform installation. The platform meets all requirements for:

  • SIMM/Libor
  • Transition/XVA

The client has full access to a large range of products and markets through a single unified system. The operational model and advanced analytics have positioned SoHo’s client to earn a reputation for its outstanding risk-management strategy.

The ROI is significant; teams can now simulate 10 weeks of real production activity in a few days, rather than weeks. Testing of new models is now measured in hours, rather than days. This means that release costs are significantly reduced with cycles lowered to days.