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Microsoft Security Workshop

Learn to evaluate how secure your organization is right now, and to mitigate and protect against threats moving forward.

audience (1).png Audience Security Officers & O365 Administrators
Technology-1.png Technology Microsoft
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration Half Day
skills-1 Skill Set


Organizations like yours manage growing volumes of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. In this environment, minimizing security risks is a massive challenge. Help achieve your broader security objectives—and identify current and real threats—by scheduling this half-day Microsoft Security workshop.

Designed for today’s security stakeholders, the workshop will help you develop a strategic plan based on our Microsoft MVP cybersecurity experts’ recommendations that provide customized requirements specifically for your organizational needs. You’ll not only gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data, but also you’ll get valuable clarity and support on how to upgrade your security posture for the long term.

Given the volume and complexity of identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure, it’s essential to establish how secure your organization is right now. And, you need to know how to mitigate and protect against threats moving forward.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Current, ongoing risks to your cloud environment
  • Actionable next steps based on your specific needs and objectives
  • Your security strategy – documented for the benefit of key stakeholders
  • How to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools

During this half-day workshop,  we’ll partner with you to strengthen your organization’s approach to cybersecurity.

Session 1 – Discovery

Get to know your concerns, issues, and previous threats that may have happened. This will include a review of your technologies and available resources and a review of the Threat Check results.

Session 2 – Analyze

This session starts by helping you better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks.

How it works: we recommend starting two to three weeks prior to the workshop with Microsoft experts activating the Threat Check solution to run on top of your existing cloud infrastructure.

Session 3 – Act

On the day of the workshop, we will walk you through a comprehensive Threat Check Results report featuring a deep analysis of real cyber-attack threats we have found currently targeting your organization in three critical areas: identity, email, and data.

These may include:

  • Malware (including cloud-based and advanced zero-day malware)
  • Phishing emails
  • Compromised user accounts
  • Malicious OAuth apps

By the end of this workshop, you will receive:

  • A list of actionable recommendations to help immediately mitigate the identified threats
  • A detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities and initiatives, direct from cybersecurity pros
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to security and how it relates to your organization
  • A hands-on opportunity to experience what integrated security looks like, including the latest tools and methods
  • Long-term recommendations from Microsoft experts about your security strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps