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Application Support – Record Scanning

With a new solution in place for record digitization and ECM, the hospital enjoys reduced costs and better efficiency. 


Health Care

Practices Practice


Technology-2 Technology


Our-Role Our Role
  • Support - ’Keeping the lights on’
  • Fix updates
  • Application training
Project-Sucess Project Success

100% of Level 1 support calls responded to and closed within 60 min.
80% of Level 2 support calls responded to and closed within 2 days
100% application up time

Project duration Project Duration 3-6 months

Record management is an essential part of an organization’s administration, risk management, and compliance. Ensuring that this function is highly efficient is a primary goal of digital transformation journeys. The transition from paper-based administration to a digital workplace is vital for any organization committed to optimizing its performance. Importantly, record-keeping requires that strict data security and privacy measures are in place. This is difficult to achieve in a paper-based system. If the security of personally identifiable information (PII) is lax, data could be vulnerable to a breach. Due to regulatory compliance, a data leak could have huge financial repercussions while also creating a host of PR problems. At the same time, digital transformation is an essential component of safeguarding personal information.

Most employees are happy to say farewell to the paper jams and other technical malfunctions that photocopiers spawn when record management is still paper-based. Customers are more than grateful when their customer service assistants are not queuing to use such tech. And, businesses are keen to implement time-saving modernizations.

SoHo’s client, the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, had implemented a record management scanning system to capture insurance cards and driver’s licenses without the operators leaving their desks to use a photocopier.

The system was designed to accommodate the automatic integration of demographic information in HL7 format to build demographic knowledge. However, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capture of the data failed, and the operator was forced to copy and paste to populate a form. New York-Presbyterian Hospital wished to automate the process.

The key win of using the SharePoint platform with .NET customization was that information access was anywhere at the highest levels of data security available. The application was browser-agnostic for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Automated record management can bring huge efficiency gains

SoHo developed a creative implementation of SharePoint, using its out-of-the-box workflow-management engine with the following functionality:

  • OCR capture that resulted in form completion
  • More intuitive operator journeys
  • Reminders sent to operators to ensure eligibility verification of scanned identification

The New York-Presbyterian Hospital experienced significant improvements in terms of ROI thanks to the time saved through the OCR-driven data-capture charting process. With an enterprise content management (ECM) solution in place, the hospital's billing staff no longer needs to waste time with manual admin processes such as copy and paste. Particular results include:

  • 100% success rate of Level 1 support calls responded and closed within 60 mins
  • 80% success rate of Level 2 support calls responded and closed within 2 days
  • 100% application up time

SoHo's project team went above and beyond to provide weekend support, which was outside the contract hours.