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Compliance Data Risk Management – Cloud Accelerator Workshop

Help address compliance risks and remediate them through Microsoft 365 E5-associated technologies. 

audience (1).png Audience CIO, IT Security, DBAs
Technology-1.png Technology Azure, SQL
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 4 weeks
skills-1 Skill Set

Cloud Security

Protecting customer and employee information is critical not only to maintain trust, but also to meet internal and external compliance requirements. Protecting data has become more challenging as people work in new ways, creating and sharing data across boundaries. While mobility and cloud services have helped users become more productive and collaborative, securing and monitoring data has become harder. Businesses now need to protect sensitive information across devices, SaaS applications, and cloud services – in addition to that stored in on-premises environments.

This workshop helps you create a compelling way for your customers to remediate compliance risks through Microsoft 365 E5-associated technologies. With the Compliance Data Risk Management Workshop, you can:

  • Uncover data risks in the customer and HR environment
  • Discover and classify data
  • Build customer confidence and mitigate risk through data-driven analytics and visualization
  • Identify compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 that reduce data risks and ensure that your data management strategy meets compliance expectations
  • Fully leverage Microsoft 365 E5 value

The Compliance Data Risk Management-Cloud Accelerator workshop provides a summary of your organization’s data protection and compliance stature, along with recommendations to improve data protection and compliance. The information, results, and scoring provided by the workshop constitute recommendations and are provided solely for informational purposes.

The intent of the workshop is to identify technologies and additional steps that organizations can implement to simplify and strengthen their compliance efforts.

NOTE: Workshop activities will be delivered over a four-week period. The sections below describe the activities for each week.

The Activities

Week 1 – Prepare for delivery

The engagement starts with a remote preparation meeting. SoHo and the customer will conduct a pre-engagement meeting during which SoHo will introduce the customer to the Compliance Data Risk Management methodology and expected results. This meeting will include discussions on the upcoming activities and decide on the optional activities, along with expectations and timelines.

NOTE: For customers having no prior exposure to products and tools used during the engagement, it is possible to include a high-level introduction and demo explaining the features and functionality. The remainder of the first week is intended to be used by the customer to arrange logistics, allocate resources, and prepare for the upcoming delivery.

Week 2– Configure and enable automated discovery

The second week marks the actual start of the engagement delivery. SoHo will work with the customer to configure and enable the required services and tools and start the Automated Discovery for the Data Risk Check.

Week 3 – Automated discovery continues

During the third week of the engagement, the Data Risk Check Automated Discovery will continue.

Week 4 – Analyze, report, and workshop

The fourth week of the engagement is focused on preparing for Compliance Data Risk Management-Cloud Accelerator workshop delivery. The findings of the Data Risk Check Automated Discovery are collected, analyzed, and mapped to Microsoft solutions for risk mitigation. During the workshop, the findings and identified risks will be discussed, possible solutions for risk mitigation will be presented, and a road map with actionable next steps and recommendations provided.

This Compliance Data Risk Management-Cloud Accelerator workshop will identify your data risks via our automated Office 365 tools and services to discover data stored in the Microsoft Cloud and identify potential problem areas.

Identified risks may include:

  • Sensitive information and intellectual property.
  • Unused or “stale” data.
  • Risky or suspicious activities.

Gain knowledge of tools that can help you mitigate the identified compliance risks.

Walk away with recommendations and a roadmap of actionable next steps based on your needs and objectives.

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