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About Us

We are agile, independent, and hold a straightforward philosophy:

Outstanding Talent Produces Outstanding Work.

Work with Us

We know that senior business executives are busy. We understand the struggle of ensuring that your IT project doesn't put round pegs into square holes. With our experience and a focus on teamwork and best practices, SoHo Dragon ensures that your project will be delivered right the first time (yes, even the hairy, must-be-delivered-tomorrow projects).

What We Do

  • Build great solutions
  • Listen to your needs
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Provide thought-provoking ideas

What We Don't Do

  • Baffle you with technical jargon
  • Waste time in pointless meetings
  • Give you the hard sell
  • Submit surprise invoices

Who We Are

Whether you have had a simple procedure at a New York hospital, read the Wall Street Journal, or used an ATM, you have likely used services from companies that have invested in Microsoft technology.

More About Us

We work with companies that are growing rapidly but whose systems lag. They are stretched to the seams, with leadership that is fed up with wasting resources on administration and wondering why their workers take so long to finish their tasks.

SoHo Dragon does not have a sales team. We listen to our clients. We frequently hear that Microsoft software or financial solutions aren’t making the difference our clients are looking for. That’s where our seasoned technologists come in, making sure that Microsoft software and financial solutions are implemented, structured, and used correctly. We make the technology work for your business.


We don’t just read books. We write them – with Microsoft! Our leadership has co-authored four best-selling books on Microsoft SharePoint.


How We Began

Peter Ward started SoHo Dragon in the spare bedroom of his Long Island City apartment to address the need for a straightforward consulting approach without layers of account managers or maximizing billable hours to meet utilization targets. With offices on three continents, we continue to drive value to our clients by following our core philosophy: outstanding talent produces outstanding client results.

We are excited to work with you and make your technology work better and harder for you.


  • SoHo Dragon incorporated in a Long Island City, NY apartment, starting with a SharePoint practice

    Headcount: 1
  • India office opened. Moved to a Wall Street location

    Headcount: 8
  • Started a CRM practice

    Headcount: 15
  • London office opened

    Headcount: 34
  • Started an Azure practice

    Headcount: 55
  • Lithuania office opened, with a focus on infrastructure and managed services

    Headcount: 85
  • Started practices in Murex and Archer

    Headcount: 120
  • Started an SAP practice & opened a Philippines office

    Headcount: 200


Our company is built upon a foundation of these four core values:

doing what we say we’re going to do
making the people around us better
helping and taking care of customers, partners, and team members
with your timelines and expectations, our approach, and the delivered technology

We bring these values to our job every day to ensure a great work environment for our team, partners, and customers.