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Advisory - Fractural C-Suite

Sometimes, businesses need a senior technology professional who understands the company’s business objectives, and provides technology leadership and direction to support those objectives. Our fractural C-suite leaders are both visionary and pragmatic.

As business and technology complexity increases, you still need to focus your best efforts on your core business objectives to succeed. 

But devoting your full energies to growing and sustaining your business can be difficult with constant demands to address intricate technology and compliance concerns. 

That’s why SoHo Dragon offers C-suite services to alleviate this pressure and provide the foundation you need to keep your business safe, compliant, and agile to support your fundamental business activities. 

We provide senior-level executive support in three distinct practice areas: risk management, technology management, and development team mentoring.

Virtual Chief Risk Officer

In a dynamic and volatile cyber environment, a risk-based approach is essential to securing your organization’s assets. SoHo Dragon takes a holistic approach to risk management from a strategic- and program-advisory perspective as well as a technical, automated toolset to achieve efficiencies and reporting cadences. A dedicated executive-level professional will embed in your organization to establish key risk indicators (KRIs), key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as establish risk appetite parameters and remediation pathways. This risk-business-technology alignment triangulation will ensure your organization hardens its compliance disposition and attains its security goals. 

Key deliverables for this service include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Enterprise risk management (ERM) roadmap
  • Risk methodology assessment 
  • Asset management security stoplight 
  • Vendor selection offering for GRC (if necessary) 
  • Risk quantification 
  • Ongoing ERM advisory 

Virtual Chief Technology Officer

The road to hiring a full-time chief technology officer (CTO) can be costly and time-consuming. It can take months to recruit and onboard someone. And after that long journey, you may still wind up with a candidate that does not match your exact needs.  

SoHo Dragon offers a virtual CTO (vCTO) service that presents a great advantage. With our team of senior-level IT practitioners, our vCTO service can: 

  • Assess your IT infrastructure, processes, resources, and procedures and uncover any gaps  
  • Oversee IT infrastructure (data, security, maintenance, and network)
  • Direct strategic IT planning and decision-making 
  • Oversee technology implemented on behalf of customers and other third parties

By choosing the vCTO service from SoHo Dragon, you can engage the services you need and expand to include additional services as your requirements grow.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

We know cybersecurity threats are increasing, and organizations must ensure that their information and assets are protected. Our virtual chief information security officer (vCiso) service can help you identify security risks, develop security policies, and ensure compliance with industry regulation on both a part-time or contract basis, so you get access to the expertise of a CISO without the expense of a full-time executive.

Our modern approach provides a team of cybersecurity professionals who can work with your team to develop and implement security strategies that align with your organization's business and stakeholder goals, generating savings compared to hiring a full-time person.

Using this proactive approach, you can be confident in addressing cybersecurity and IP loss head-on.

Our VCiso services include:

  • Comprehensive Risk and Security  Assessment
  • Intelligent Strategy Formation
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Certification Roadmap
  • Employee Training

Development Team Mentoring

Many organizations have talented IT professionals, a good grasp of their software assets, and clarity on the ones they need to build or acquire to support business operations and particular business needs. What may be lacking is an experienced, senior-level software developer who can direct project steps and phases with industry-standard project-management methods to develop an essential software application successfully. 

This is where SoHo Dragon can help. With Microsoft MVPs and C-level software developers and engineers averaging 20 years of managing the software development life cycle (SDLC), we can work with your development team to provide the mentoring needed to achieve your software development goals. This can include supervision of the following: 

  • SDLC stages from planning, analysis, and design through development, testing, and deployment  
  • Development project budget and timeline
  • Delegation of duties to the development team
  • Hiring and training new developers as needed
  • Establishment of development standards and procedures for the team
  • Ensuring the application meets stated business objectives
  • Liaising with upper management and delivery of reports and proposals 
  • Establishment of testing procedures 
  • Compilation and evaluation of user feedback 
  • Technology leadership and management
  • Software development management
  • Technology vision and strategy
  • Technology roadmap and business objectives assignment
  • Risk, security, and compliance management
  • Technology governance
  • Azure
  • Information protection
  • SharePoint development
  • Archer
  • Service Now