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Teams Assessment

Get a real-time view of your current and future digital estate along with the tools and knowledge to move to Microsoft Teams efficiently and effectively.

audience (1).png Audience Stakeholders, CIO, CTO
Technology-1.png Technology Teams, O365, SharePoint
type-1.png Type Assessment
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 4-5 Days
skills-1 Skill Set


This engagement will provide you with an analysis of your current collaboration and communication environment, taking into consideration your current deployment, usage, business processes, and data. A comprehensive deployment plan will be presented to the customer, stating an action plan for modernizing their collaboration and communication processes.

Ideal for customers who are concerned about:

  • Uncertainty in prioritizing business apps for transition
  • Finding the right technology to connect global teams
  • Where Teams fits into the workflow
  • Governance of a Teams rollout

The assessment process explains the features and values of Teams in relation to your business. The end result is a Final Assessment Report, which summarizes the process and findings to makes value propitiation decisions recommendations.

This is ideal for a business with 500–1000 users.

This assessment is recommended if you are using collaboration and instant messaging or persistent chat tools such as Zoom, Slack, Skype for Business, Symphony, Jabber, and Web X and wish to:

  • Consolidate to a single platform
  • Lower your cost of ownership
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Simplify the user experience

We will collect the data and perform a discovery of the usage of the current Microsoft and non-Microsoft communication and collaboration products using our third-party tools, as well as other sources to capture all relevant data.

Session 1 – Discovery

Gather accurate data from your IT environment:

  • Real-time details on your environment
  • Identification of cloud transition blockers and collaboration security risks

Session 2 – Plan and Decide

Determine what changes are top priority:

  • Understand how Microsoft Teams can complement and improve your existing communication stack
  • Identify opportunities for improving business processes

Session 3 – Migrate (Act)

Develop a road map for your organization’s cloud journey:

  • Cost analysis of application migration to Microsoft Teams
  • Prioritize end-user tools and business apps for a transition to the cloud

Session 4 – Optimize

Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) goals to help you measure your progress.

This will include:

  • Track and achieve milestones using custom migration plans
  • Establish a utilization baseline for assessing progress over time

The output of the assessment provides you with a real-time view of your current and future digital estate while equipping you with the tools and knowledge to move to Microsoft Teams efficiently and effectively.

This assessment is related to SoHo’s Teams Cloud Accelerator workshop series: