Are you a Microsoft developer with a brilliant application idea waiting for take-off as an enterprise application?

SoHo Labs is here to fuel your journey!

Helping out the small guy

We recognize developers' hurdles when transforming their code into a tangible and scalable product. That's why we offer a unique opportunity to convert your concept into an enterprise MVP product, ready to attract users and perhaps future funding.

Our dedicated team, which consists of Microsoft MVPs, will partner with you to create an enterprise product that resonates with your target audience. We'll help validate your idea, strategize its development and adoption, and support it.

This development journey becomes smoother when you have a product that customers love and are willing to pay for. You can reach this milestone with our support, making it easier to generate passive income and enhance your brand and value to future employers.

Don't let the lack of technical expertise or your time deter you!

For a month of collaborative work and deferred payment, we'll help bring your idea to the world. Plus, our experience in building scalable, world-class products ensures we can continue to support your vision as it gains traction in the marketplace.


Introducing SoHo Labs to the developer community

We firmly believe in the power of fostering innovation and success, and we are committed to providing the resources and expertise needed to turn developers' ideas into thriving reality within our SoHo Labs development incubator.

SoHo Labs mission is to:

  • Help out the small guy. Yes, the solo contractor with just a laptop, a Git repo, and a great idea 
  • Help the developer community navigate the unique challenges of turning a concept or a small piece of code into an enterprise application. This initiative will include access to SoHo's development resources and go-to-market strategies.
  • Aim to drive innovation and foster a more inclusive and equitable industry by championing the developer.

If you’re a developer with some promising code written on the Microsoft stack, we’re eager to hear from you! Let’s collaborate to transform your dream into a reality.

We’re excited to hear your ideas and help you turn them into successful battle-hardened enterprise application. Contact us today to apply for the cohort and embark on your startup journey.


What is MVP Development?
MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. While there are several definitions of what that means, our definition is the simplest product necessary to acquire your first customer. It's a basic version of your final vision that covers only the core components and features, satisfying the most critical needs of your end-users. We want to bring your product to customers as quickly as possible and use their feedback to direct future development. Ideally, we want to deploy the product in the Microsoft Stores as the first delivery. The idea is to test an idea inexpensively against the market to see if it has potential.
Who owns the product?
The developer owns the code. Yes, the developer who comes up with the idea owns 100% of the ownership and intellectual property that SoHo's builds. We use our expertise to obtain customers and support the product. As part of our agreement, you 'rent' the code/idea to SoHo for three years and then we give it back to you with any changes and customizations. In certain cases, we provide funding for a small equity stake, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.
How do we estimate the MVP development cost?

The cost of an MVP typically depends on several factors, including:

  • How finished and well-written is the code 
  • Number and complexity of core features
  • Complexity of the design

However, SoHo specializes in launching MVPs and can usually do it faster and for a lower cost. We’ve achieved this by standardizing the MVP development process, and creating reusable processes for common functionalities like login, registration, payments, subscriptions, admin dashboards, and more.

Typically in a range of 200-400 hours.

How do deferred payments work?

Given that SoHo has invested its time in building and deploying the MVP with no income. There will be a deferred payment plan set up, similar to book royalties from a publisher.

This can be explained further when we speak.


Apply Now

Your pitch should address:

  • The problem your code aims to solve
  • Your target end user
  • How you've validated your idea with existing users 
  • Your unique market position