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SharePoint Record & Document Retention Workshop

Take charge of your SharePoint environment by putting document policies in place, automatic records routing, and enforcing records policies. 

audience (1).png Audience SharePoint Power Users
Technology-1.png Technology SharePoint, Compliance
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 5-6 hrs
skills-1 Skill Set

SharePoint Record & Document Retention

If you’ve got the responsibility of records management and governance, this course lifts the lid on the retention policies and rules in SharePoint O365.

  1. Have you taken SharePoint End-User Essentials 1 and SharePoint End-User Essentials 2?
  2. Or, do you have a solid amount of experience using the SharePoint platform?
  3. Do you want to use SharePoint for record and document storage?
  4. Or, are you looking to use SharePoint for record and document retention?

This SharePoint Record and Document Retention course is designed to help you use SharePoint in a highly effective way for record and document storage and retention. Let us lead the way in the SharePoint landscape.

  • Record and Document Retention Recommendations
    • Strengths and limitations of SharePoint with retention policies
  • Record routing
    • Based on the type of record, automatically route the appropriate record to corresponding document libraries
  • Policy enforcement
    • Enforce separate policies for each type of record to specify “Programmable Interface” and “Hold”
      • Programmable Interface: Integrate the records center with other sources to allow seamless submission of records
      • Hold: Ability to hold records to avoid deletion or archiving based on policy

After you complete the SharePoint Record and Document Retention course, you can, independently and with confidence, apply these SharePoint functionalities to your SharePoint environment.