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Microsoft Teams User Adoption Workshop

Hit the ground running with end- and power-user training, Teams structure design, communication with existing technologies, and more.

audience (1).png Audience CIO, CTO, CISO
Technology-1.png Technology MS Teams
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 1 day
skills-1 Skill Set


This Microsoft Teams User Adoption workshop provides a road map for any organization to deploy and adopt MS Teams

This is an onsite workshop designed for organizations that have MS Teams deployed or just installed and wish to plan: 

  • User Adoption 
  • Technology Awareness 
  • Document Migration 
  • Business Processes

What: Teams should be set up, and what should the user base be?

When:  Timelines of milestones and goals 

How:  The kick-off approach and how to get started with traction 

Who: Your technical resources required  

Project Success Definition

SoHo empowers you to put the user first with MS Teams adoption within the organization.

SoHo views this form of engagement as a classic gap-analysis project, where an O365 evangelist will perform the following: 

  • A current state analysis of collaboration with existing technologies 
  • Migration Plan/Path documents and processes to enable the client staff enablement
  • Recommendations for Teams Structure 
  • End-user training 
  • Power-user training 
  • Identification of who needs to be involved in the project 
  • The desired outcome, which comes in discovery with client employees 
  • Hand-off to the internal IT team 
  • Business value of definition 
  • Governance overview and implementation 
  • Support, QA, and training
  • Full rollout to the defined business units