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Secure Deal Folder Development



Practices Practice

Secure Deal Folder for a finance giant

Technology-2 Technology

.Net 4.7.1, Salesforce, Snowflake, Snowflake 2.2.0, Windows drive, Windows Task Scheduler 

Our-Role Our Role Implemented Secure Deal Folder capabilities to safeguard confidential information 
Project-Sucess Project Success Developed Secure Deal Folder capabilities ensuring confidential information remains secure
Project duration Project Duration 7 months

A renowned provider of corporate and investment banking services operates multiple departments with a vast network of employees and clients. When facilitating large deals with other banks and companies, their bankers generate hundreds of documents containing sensitive and confidential information.  

Their challenge is managing these documents effectively. Storing them on a network drive with unrestricted access between departments created a security risk. This unrestricted access meant anyone could potentially view or modify sensitive data, compromise confidentiality and create compliance issues. 

The client relied on Salesforce for storing company details but faced limitations in terms of data auditing capabilities. Lack of auditing functionality hindered the ability to track the folder’s owner, editor, and time of creation. This posed challenges for ensuring data integrity and accountability. 

The SoHo team recognized the challenges and created solutions that fit the client’s needs. 

Salesforce Platform Event Service- SoHo developed a workflow to create secure folders that are only accessible by approved users. Using Salesforce Event Service, the company name and team members are fetched to create dedicated folders. Access to these folders on the network drive is given to only required team members ensuring appropriate confidentiality is maintained.    

All these processes are real-time and work seamlessly. Upon the creation of a deal the related folders are automatically generated, maintaining synchronized data management. 

Folder Watcher Service- Leveraging Snowflake the team implemented a solution allowing comprehensive audit of folders. Relevant information is logged into tables, simplifying tracking document creation, updates, and deletions. This functionality allows management to hold folder creators accountable. 

Improved Compliance and Audit Capabilities: SoHo’s solutions ensure that the folder access is in line with deal ownership, making auditing easier. Data integrity is preserved and compliance with security protocols is not at risk. 

Improved Confidentiality: By limiting folder access to relevant team members, bankers no longer see additional folders. This restriction enhances confidentiality by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive documents, mitigating the risk of data breaches  

Robust Security Measures: Implementation of comprehensive security measures and tracking changes in a Snowflake database ensures that folders remain fully secured. Only the users with authorization can access the folders.