Teams Firstline Workshop






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Enterprise Architecture Workshop

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Microsoft Viva Insights Workshop for HR Managers

Helping you balance productivity and wellbeing
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Teams Remediation – Tenant Clean Up

Workshop This hands-on workshop is targeted to help Microsoft 365 (M365) administrators get a grip on their current Microsoft Teams deployment. Using Orchestry, we can identify stale sites, sites with no members, and sites with little to no usage. With this information, we can start to reign in site sprawl by cleaning up the environment through...
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M365 Adoption and Governance Workshop

Enable, adopt, and govern in MS Teams and M365 across your entire organization with Orchestry, empowering IT administrators and end users.
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Apps and Solutions Workshop – Teams & First Line

With SoHo’s MS Teams apps and solutions workshop, customers will experience a tailored Teams hub that features custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and integration of current third-party and line-of-business apps.
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Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop – Teams & First Line

This Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms workshop is a deep dive into the Teams meeting- productivity experience. It is ideal for the COVID world and WFH employee.
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Teams Calling Workshop – Teams & First Line

The Teams Calling and First Line Workshop for those thinking about using Teams as a telephony solution.
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Identity Workshop – A Cloud Accelerator Workshop

This workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates – both on-premise and in the cloud. By using Secure Score and application-discovery tools, this workshop helps customers gain visibility into their current identity estates, enabling them to define clear next steps and best-practice risk-mitigation strategies.
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Compliance Data Risk Management – Cloud Accelerator Workshop

The Compliance Data Risk Management Workshop is designed to assist businesses to identify compliance risks in the data contained within their modern work environments.
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Security – Cloud Accelerator Workshop

This Microsoft Security Workshop is designed to orient customers who are interested in purchasing and/or deploying advanced Microsoft Security products.
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Secure Remote Work – Cloud Accelerator Workshop

This Secure Remote Work Accelerator Workshop was released in response to COVID-19 to guide rapid deployment and adoption of corporate cloud to facilitate business continuity. This workshop empowers you to stay connected while maintaining security and control.
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Teams Assessment

This Teams Assessment will give you the insight to get the most out of your Microsoft workplace applications. Understand how to drive collaboration and improve business outcomes and technology benefits by leveraging Microsoft Teams for your organization.
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Application Modernization Assessment

This Application Modernization Assessment will prepare you to evolve into the cloud.
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Azure Foundations Assessment

This Azure Foundations assessment helps you to get a grip on your server workloads and applications. From insights on the business, cost, and technological benefits, this assessment evaluates workloads by visualizing workloads before they move to the cloud.
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Contract Optimization Assessment

This Contract Optimization Assessment provides a complete view of your Microsoft contract licensing costs and aligns them with your current deployments. This assessment maximizes your technology investments to support your organization’s innovation and growth.
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Azure Express Assessment

Using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, this assessment will provide you cost-effective insights, analysis, and recommendations to a workload migration.
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Azure Cost Optimization Assessment

This assessment provides insight into the true cost of ongoing costs of ownership for Azure consumption and how to optimize the ongoing costs.
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Data and Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

This Data and Infrastructure Optimization Assessment will help you modernize your server and data-center environments and prioritize your workloads and applications for transitioning to the cloud.
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Cybersecurity Assessment

Use our Cybersecurity Assessment to take a comprehensive look at your cybersecurity profile and receive key insights to help you establish the right processes to reduce cyber risk in the cloud.
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Workplace Modernization Assessment

Simplify cloud adoption and reduce risk with visibility into your desktops and on-premises environments, helping you improve end user productivity
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Microsoft Security Workshop

Microsoft Security Workshop – protect your company from security threats.
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Compliance Workshop

This Compliance Workshop empowers you to protect information wherever it goes.
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Essentials of Excel – Intensive Executive Assistant Workshop

This Essentials of Excel packs some serious punch into a short workshop to unlock the power of Excel.
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AgilePoint and SharePoint Workshop

Be on point with AgilePoint and SharePoint. You don’t need to learn to code or hire engineers to make your next workflow approval a reality. AgilePoint enables anyone to design, develop, and host fully functional, powerful workflow applications.
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SharePoint User Training – Essentials #1

SharePoint End User - Essentials #1
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SharePoint End-User Training – Essentials #2

SharePoint End-User Training – Essentials #2
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Power Apps and Power Automate – The Basics of Power Platform

Learn to build applications with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow, aka Power Platform.
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SharePoint Record & Document Retention Workshop

This SharePoint Record & Document Retention workshop helps you manage your Office 365 content lifecycle alongside physical records.
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SharePoint Online Bootstrap- Admin Training

Enough SharePoint admin training to keep the lights on
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Power BI Basics

Power BI foundation training. Become confident with the Power BI Desktop to create datasets, reports, and dashboards.
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Microsoft Teams User Adoption Workshop

Microsoft Teams User Training makes MS Teams work for your team.
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Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection competency is key to protecting your company’s information.
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Agilepoint – Stakeholder Adoption Workshop

Be the citizen developer. you don’t need to learn to code or hire engineers to make your next workflow approval a reality. AgilePoint enables anyone to design, develop, and host fully functional, powerful workflow applications.
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The Basics of Azure Training

The seemingly infinite number of paths you can take to learn Azure can be overwhelming. In this training Q & A course, we focus on the fundamentals of Azure
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Digital Literacy & Cloud Awareness Workshop

Digital Literacy is a key skill for anyone; it is vital for businesses. In our daily lives, we consume photographs, instant messages, news, and keep in touch with 400 of our friends, without the slightest regard for how it all works in the background. This digital-first revolution doesn’t just connect us; it provides businesses with better tools,...
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Going from Classic to Modern

This Digital Transformation coaching session aims to leverage the heavy investments Microsoft has made in SharePoint to be the tool for enterprise-level content management, web authoring experience, and modern intranet design.
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