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Improving Performance with IT Help Desk Optimization

The consumer products company now has an efficient, fully functioning help desk solution in place. 


Consumer Products

Practices Practice

Business Enterprise Application

Technology-2 Technology

Windows Server, Office 365, Freshservice ticketing tool

Our-Role Our Role Help desk support
Project-Sucess Project Success Expert break/fix support for the company's designated PCs, Macs, and cloud software 
Project duration Project Duration Ongoing from Sept. 2023

Beauty by Imagination (BBI), a Platform Company, leads the haircare industry with a legacy dating back 100+ years, boasting iconic brands like Wet Brush, Goody, Ouidad, Curls, and Bio Ionic. With more than 500 employees, the company wanted its technicians to have remote access to support its designated company devices no matter where the devices are located.  

 BBI approached SoHo Dragon initially seeking a custom-developed SharePoint intranet. Pleased with SoHo’s solutions, BBI asked SoHo to provide comprehensive help desk support for designated company devices. To ensure uninterrupted services, SoHo had to devise a specialized service structure focused on efficient help desk handling of issues for the company’s PCs. 

When BBI came to SoHo Dragon, the main areas where the support was needed were: 

Handling a ticketing tool: 

  • Ticket triage: carefully analyze incoming support tickets to understand issues 
  • Prioritization: categorize and prioritize tickets based on impact, ensuring swift resolution 
  • Communication: regularly communicate with users for updates and issue resolution expectations 
  • Resolution documentation: document troubleshooting steps and resolution for future knowledge sharing 

Handling mailbox processes: 

  • Timely responses: respond promptly to emails, providing initial guidance 
  • Issue triage: evaluate email inquiries and direct them to the appropriate teams for resolution 
  • Email organization: maintain an organized mailbox for easy retrieval and reference 

Incident management: 

  • Software license agreement (SLA) compliance: adhere to incident resolution SLAs for prompt and effective resolutions 
  • Swift response: acknowledge and address incidents promptly to minimize downtime 
  • Root cause analysis: investigate underlying causes for incident prevention and system reliability 
  • Collaboration: work closely with cross-functional teams to resolve complex incidents 

Maintaining a ticketing tracker: 

  • Data accuracy: ensure accurate and up-to-date information in the ticketing system 
  • Status updates: regularly update ticket statuses for transparency 

Quarterly business review (QBR) and daily report creation: 

  • Data gathering: collect data from various sources for a comprehensive daily report 
  • Analysis: analyze trends and patterns in support activities for improvement 
  • Presentation: present the daily report in a clear and concise format 
  • Distribution: share the report with relevant teams and departments for insights 

BBI was eager to outsource help desk support after getting successful SharePoint intranet development solutions from SoHo. Specifically, BBI wanted unlimited remote help desk support for users with designated company devices. The SoHo team quickly delved into BBI’s PC infrastructure to gain insight into the company’s needs. 

Understanding the business and its needs, SoHo began handling ticket tools and mailboxes with utmost efficiency. From implementing a streamlined ticket triage system to introducing a prioritization framework to ensure the timely resolution of critical tickets, the SoHo team helped at all stages of help desk operations.  


Furthermore, SoHo improved report distribution mechanisms for effective communication with relevant teams and departments. SoHo established a transparent status update system for enhanced client and team visibility.  


A comprehensive documentation process was created for troubleshooting and issue resolutions. The team also prepared standard operating procedures that the client’s team can utilize in the future to resolve issues themselves.  

Through streamlined incident resolution workflows, SoHo implemented rapid response protocols to minimize downtime and impact. By conducting comprehensive root-cause analyses, SoHo also prevented recurring incidents. SoHo’s team remains on standby for any Windows Server issues, keeping BBI's IT infrastructure running smoothly. 

With SoHo Dragon’s help desk management services, BBI can offer flawless and uninterrupted services to its employees to best serve its customers. Moreover, by handling the time-consuming and crucial work of help desk support, SoHo has freed client resources to focus on its core objective: increasing business with more customer satisfaction.   

By working with SoHo Dragon's help desk management services, the client has experienced many improvements including: 

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: streamlined operations are leading to increased productivity and efficient business processes 
  • Revenue optimization: better use of software and uninterrupted service delivery positively impact revenue streams 
  • Strengthening customer relationships: reliable communication channels, robust security practices, and smooth operations contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive interactions 
  • Strategic decision empowerment: actionable insights from daily turnover and QBR reports support informed decision making for continuous business improvement and growth