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Ensuring IT Security Through Patching at a Major Bank



Practices Practice Development
Technology-2 Technology

Angular, SharePoint, .NET, Graph API, Task Scheduler (Tidal Jobs), Microsoft Teams


Our-Role Our Role Created a Microsoft Teams requests portal
Project-Sucess Project Success Successfully developed a MS Teams request portal, a comprehensive platform for efficient Teams management and access governance
Project duration Project Duration 8 months

A global bank was encountering a governance challenge within Microsoft Teams. When the solution was introduced within the organization, the ease of creating teams was such that numerous teams were spontaneously created by employees, resulting in an explosion of teams. With a workforce exceeding 60,000 employees worldwide, the bank sought a robust solution to precisely control the creation of teams in MS Teams. The objective was to implement out-of-the-box governance capabilities that would enhance workflow efficiency.

Subsequently, it became apparent that there was no mechanism in place to track information about the created teams. Additionally, there was no centralized platform for regular users to access and monitor team-related information.

Administrators and team leads lacked visibility into crucial details such as the numbers of active teams, archived teams, deleted teams, and the distinction between private and public channels. This lack of visibility created a challenge in effectively governing the Microsoft Teams environment.


Having served the bank for over 18 applications, SoHo was approached to address the company’s challenges in streamlining Microsoft Teams.

Understanding the glitches and challenges, SoHo came up with a solution to build a tailor-made Microsoft Teams request portal that can address the Teams governance issue.

Furthermore, as Microsoft Teams was in its nascent stage during that period, there was very limited assistance available from forums and user groups. Consequently, SoHo sought assistance from the MS Teams support team whenever we encountered obstacles.

SoHo developed a Teams portal solution - a comprehensive platform for efficient Teams management and access governance. This solution optimizes various processes, including application lifecycle management, Microsoft administration center management, compliance monitoring, Teams workspace templating, and more.

SoHo developed a portal boasting over 200 active teams, collectively accommodating more than 1000 users. The Teams portal solution gives the bank a comprehensive platform to optimize processes with efficient management and access governance, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency. Some of the highlights include:

  • Teams portal solution:
    • Comprehensive platform for efficient Teams management and access governance.


  • Centralized access management:
    • Efficient team access management
    • Control permissions
    • Activity dashboard monitoring
    • Administrative reporting.
    • Template management.
    • User management,


  • Optimized processes, including:
    • Application lifecycle management
    • Microsoft administration centre management
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Teams workspace templating