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Employee Account Management Portal Development



Practices Practice

SharePoint Development

Technology-2 Technology SharePoint 2016, Angular 5, .Net 4.7, Tidal automation platform, Workday services
Our-Role Our Role An all-encompassing employee account management portal development with Workday integration  
Project-Sucess Project Success Successfully developed an employee account management portal that modernizes and simplifies employee account administration 
Project duration Project Duration Phase 1 (4 months) & Phase 2 (2 months)

A reputed financial group approached SoHo to develop a comprehensive employee account management portal to make the employee onboarding process easier for their HR team.  

The client was using Workday and an employee portal to manage the employee onboarding process making extra work for the HR team to maintain information on both systems. To overcome this challenge, the organization wanted an all-inclusive portal that would eliminate the need to add, approve, and delete employee records on two separate systems.  

Workday has certain limitations that make it difficult for an organization to customize the platform for their needs.  

After analyzing the challenges, SoHo created a portal that provided the essential features the client required. The SoHo team developed an Employee Account Management Portal integrating Workday and third-party tools in an all-inclusive platform.  

It comprised various elements for employee account management such as; 

  • HR can add all information and create a profile when enrolling an employee. Their manager can then approve them there. They can also fill in details for interns that will be visible when they are ready for hiring. 
  • The portal retrieves user data from Workday based on the last modified timestamp. Whenever a user's information is updated in Workday the updated details are synchronized to the Employee Portal System. Consistency, and accuracy is ensured across both platforms.  
  • If an employee is terminated, the entire identity is deactivated automatically from the Workday and Employee Management portal. The integration of Workday with the portal ensures that the updates are communicated to the portal via API. 
  • To manage the identity of the employees on the portal, the team has integrated SailPoint, a powerful tool for identity management that helps avoid inappropriate access to business systems. 

SoHo has developed an integrated and all-in-one platform having real-time synchronization with Workday that ensures employee data is always up-to-date across both, the portal and Workday system. This maintains accuracy and consistency.  

The new Employee Account Management Portal has made it smoother and more efficient for the company HR team to manage all employee profiles and accesses. 

Automated deactivation of terminated employee accounts saves time and enhances security by promptly removing access. 

The employee account management portal not only allows easy maintenance but also boosts access governance because of its integration with the SailPoint identity management tool.  

Enhanced security, data accuracy, better employee management, and improved security ensures a better user experience.