Apps and Solutions Workshop – Teams & First Line

With SoHo’s MS Teams apps and solutions workshop, customers will experience a tailored Teams hub that features custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and integration of current third-party and line-of-business apps.


This apps and solutions workshop leverages the rich set of MS Teams platform capabilities and helps you rethink productivity, drive business outcomes, and maximize the value of Microsoft Teams.

Here's what you can expect:

  • An overview of the Teams platform capabilities and supported customer scenarios
  • Identification and prioritization of customer scenarios for Teams solutions
  • Solution design with the alignment of high-level solution architecture to meet scenario requirements
  • App activation and enablement through a review of governance policies to enable apps in Teams
  • Next steps with an adoption kit and success plan


This workshop will provide you with an overview of what applications or third-party data can be built within, or migrated to, MS Teams.

This workshop is ideal for customers that wish to:

  • Migrate applications from SharePoint to Teams
  • Integrate the Power Platform to Teams
  • Have applications coexist in both SharePoint and Teams with a single code base
  • Create a road map for Teams to be an enterprise  application platform


In Scope

The standard scope of the engagement includes:

  • Microsoft Teams platform overview – Review Teams platform capabilities and new automation and integration scenarios
  • Scenario analysis – Identify and prioritize customer scenarios for Teams solutions
  • Solution design – Alignment on high-level solution architecture to meet scenario requirements
  • App activation and enablement – Review of various governance policies to enable apps in Teams
  • Adoption kit – End-user training, workload introductions, and support resources
  • Success plan – Create a plan with a scope of work, identifying a pilot group of users and high-level timelines

Out of Scope

The standard scope of the engagement excludes:

  • Technical designs or implementations
    • The final plan includes the prioritization of additional engagements, which will assist with the design and implementation of the solution
  • Pilots or labs
    • Demos may be conducted within the readiness sessions, but pilots and/or labs must be conducted as separate engagements
  • Network testing and configuration
    • This workshop does not include assessment or configuration of the customer’s network


Preparation: Pre-Engagement Activities

  • Readiness materials to prepare you for the workshop:
    • Discovery calls
    • Your team's skillset of your team
    • Inventory of current applications in SharePoint or within the organization
  • A delivery guide detailing workshop components and details to deliver a successful workshop

Envision: The Art of the Possible

  • Introduction to MS Teams integrate and extend scenarios
  • Analyze and prioritize scenarios
  • Review and evaluate ready-to-use apps and accelerators

Design & Plan: Create a Strategy

  • Solution design plan (POE)
  • App governance
  • Implementation plan (POE)
  • Next steps (POE)


In addition to the deployment plan, you will receive a report and recommendations.

This report will include:

  • Current and future state of the application and solutions
  • The Teams deployment plan guides, training, and costs/benefits
  • Adoption and change-management plans

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This workshop is part of SoHo’s Teams Cloud Accelerator workshop series:

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