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AgilePoint and SharePoint Workshop

Learn how to design, develop, and host fully functional, powerful workflow applications with AgilePoint.

audience (1).png Audience Stakeholders, Power Users
Technology-1.png Technology AgilePoint
type-1.png Type Workshop
service-category-1 Service Category Adoption
Duration-1 Duration 5 Hrs
skills-1 Skill Set

SharePoint Power Users,

SharePoint Admins

This workshop introduces AgilePoint to the power user and stakeholders of the departmentThis workshop focuses on how AgilePoint interacts with SharePoint for security and document management on AgilePoint, and highlights where PowerApps and Power Automate run out of gas.

The workshop also touches on how this form engine is a replacement for Infopath. 

An overview and deep dive into AgilePoint functionality and integration points to SharePoint

Session 1: AgilePoint Introduction (90 min.) 

  • What is AgilePoint?
  • AgilePoint authentication 
  • Tabs of AgilePoint 
  • Manage 
  • Work center 
  • Build 
  • Reports 
  • Portal 
  • Collaborate 
  • Settings 
  • AgilePoint data sources and connectors 
  • Types of process models
  • Process models and activities 
  • Reporting and dashboards 
  • Running processes 

Session 2: Integration with SharePoint (90 min.) 

  • Creating a process model based on SharePoint
  • Setting up Connection Token 
  • SharePoint Activity Library 
  • Interacting with SharePoint lists and libraries
  • Saving and updating to SharePoint 
  • Conditions and timers 
  • SharePoint data sources for your process model and controls 
  • Using rules for form submissions 
  • Emailng users about updates 
  • Customizing forms for tasks 
  • Variables and JavaScript 
  • Validation rules for forms 
  • Report views 
  • AgilePoint Dashboard for SharePoint  tasks

Session 3: Hands-on, real-life example (120 min.)

A clear vision of where and how to use AgilePoint for business processes with SharePoint