Managed Services

In today’s Cloud-first world, our job as a service provider doesn’t stop when the solution is up and running. In fact, when a project comes to an “end”, it only marks the beginning of a new phase. SoHo Dragon has proved time and time again to be a great partner, and trusted advisor, to our clients.

Managed Services in New York City

If you don’t say the word “Cloud” at least once every few minutes in a tech-related conversation, the conversation basically never happened. It’s buzzling and trending, and you can’t afford not to consider it anymore. SoHo Dragon has been in the Cloud for nearly a decade and our team will put its experience to work for you. We offer a variety of AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Services, finetuned to meet your business needs. Whether you need basic system monitoring or a complete management offering, our seasoned Dragons got you covered.

Cloud Security Management

Corporate leaders are no longer overlooking security threats. It has become a complex and very time-consuming process if you’re not a security expert. SoHo Dragon provides enterprises with Cloud solutions to protect their on premise, hybrid, or cloud infrastructures. Whether you are looking for network, application, identity or log security management, we’ll monitor, support and protect your Azure and AWS environments. We make sure these stay free of intruders and we’ll minimalize the risk. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing our Cloud Security Management solutions will protect your network, system and applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Cloud Backup Services

The amount of data that is generated and stored every minute and hour of the day is extremely high. Having a solid backup structure in place is highly important to companies and organizations. The data you collect is significant to make intelligent business decisions, so you want it to be stored in a secure place. SoHo Dragon offers a collection of Azure and AWS Cloud Backup Services for daily management of backup and restore solutions.

An all-inclusive SharePoint/Office 365 Managed Services provide a reliable and trouble-free SharePoint. Our highly skilled team works on the back-end plumbing such as ADFS Integration, DNS Setting, and patch management. But, we also have a deep understanding of your business activity and therefor can lower your cost of ownership, which will maximize your SharePoint/Office 365 investment.

Long story short: we will take care of your technology, so you can focus on your business!

Fully Managed IT – What’s Included

We believe that communication between our team and the client is an important key to success. Through conversation we make sure we are delivering the service they want, need and expect. We provide regular update reports, face-to-face service management, and support ticket tracking, to ensure our client is clear on what, when, and why we are doing what we are doing.

24/7/365 Fully Managed On Premise / O365 support

Proactive monitoring of all SharePoint systems

Monthly Service delivery reports – Breakdown of service / support tickets

Frequent face-to-face Service Delivery Management

Support tickets – Insight in Status of Support through our user-friendly Portal

In-depth Service Level Agreement

Service Level 1 Training – Have insight to your items

Patch Management, Health Checks of SharePoint, Services and SQL Databases

Governance and Compliance – Insights and recommendations

Fully Managed Services – The Benefits

IT has become quite complex, and to survive in today’s market, your business needs to be agile, and adapt quickly to changes. That’s why we have our Managed Services set up to be scale adaptable – you can change your services to fit your specific needs.

We pro-actively monitor your systems, and can resolve potential problem before they become tangible and costly issues. In short: SoHo Dragon takes responsibility for the technology you base your business on.

We’ll enable your IT staff to focus on strategy by taking the burden of everyday SharePoint administration off their hands.

Why SoHo Dragon?

Expertise – Knowledgeable and Experienced (SharePoint) experts

Personal – we know you, your business, and how you work

Specific – services tailored to your needs and wishes

Driven by results – we get things done: on time, and on budget

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