Enterprise Mobility

The revolution of Mobile in the past decade has been extraordinary. It has shifted the way people work – you now have the possibility to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We work our tails off to stay ahead of the curve, and provide you with solid, user-friendly, and powerful mobile applications that empower and support your employees, partners and/or customers ongoingly.

Cross Platform

The expectations of users are much higher nowadays. Devices and applications should always do what they’re supposed to do, and with that, patience with devices, applications, and websites decreased significantly. We have a team of skilled and experienced application developers that can advise, test, and deploy powerful solutions for your company across various platforms, without platform commodification.

User Experience Audit

When interacting with your intranet, users should have a pleasant and positive experience. Why that is important? Because a positive user-experience:

Reinforces confidence in IT

Boosts trust in business delivery

Creates positive brand awareness

Makes the user’s life easier

Not sure if your intranet leaves all the users with a positive experience? SoHo Dragon created a focused User Experience Audit, to test a wide range of factors, which effectively assesses the overall User Experience.

User Experience Audit Benefits

Objective, and independent, evaluation of design, architecture and support of your intranet

Diligent and thorough

Focus on factors that impact the user experience

Detailed and actionable feedback

Reveals problems that often stay unnoticed, except by your users

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