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No matter in which industry you’re most active, you can no longer deny the power of The Cloud. Microsoft offers Cloud solutions that can be beneficial for your company in many ways. Here at SoHo Dragon we tailored our efforts to three main practices, leveraging Microsoft’s Cloud offerings:

1. Cloud Assessments

2. Cloud Migrations

3. Cloud Applications

1. Cloud Assessments

Are you looking to lower the IT cost for your company?

Do you want to permanently close the door to the server room?

Would you like peace of mind when it comes to your email and other mission critical business applications?

Who wouldn’t want all of the above, right? To get there, it’s important to devise the perfect Cloud strategy, exclusively designed to fit your business’ needs. You need to get your business Cloud ready, before jumping upon this promising new technology. SoHo Dragon can provide you with the structures and support to get your business, and everyone working within your company, ready to move to the Cloud. We have in-house experience with building awareness, ensuring analysis and enabling adoption of Cloud based services.

We will work together with you to get your digital environment ready for the cloud. This is where SoHo Dragon’s extensive experience and knowledge as an established Microsoft Azure Partner can kick into action. We have the technical skills and insights, and the business experience in many different verticals, to provide you with detailed advice and service.

How to approach Cloud Assessments?

Step 1: Create awareness

Evaluating the requirements and security considerations.

Step 2: Analyze

We know Cloud services, and all its nuances, at a deep level. We can assist you in choosing major factors, like:

  • Type of Cloud ( Iaas | PaaS | Saas )

  • Cloud Models ( Public | Private | Hybrid )

  • Hosting Options

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Architectural Guidance

  • Deployment Plans

Step 3: Adoption

Once you have a clear picture of which Cloud Assessment will work best for your company’s needs and requirements, we will execute that by providing high-quality training, professional support and intensive coaching.

2. Cloud Migrations

Are you ready to migrate to the Cloud? We’ve got your back(-up)! It takes a lot of men and brainpower to achieve a seamless migration. Here at SoHo Dragon we have seasoned, in-house Cloud experts who are ready to assist you in the migration process. We’ve dealt with oversights, incorrect documentation, simplified technology that doesn’t do what is promised, and much more. Cloud migrations are both an art and a science, which can be accomplished with minimal risk and oversight.

The Key to Seamless Migration

There are several important considerations you need to consider while deciding and planning to move your processes to the Cloud. Our services are designed to take the weight off your hands and provide you with a fast, no-hassle migration. This way your development and testing environment benefits from a visibly shorter cycle time and better deficiencies.

Our specialization spans these cutting edge offerings:

Migrating applications to Azure Virtual MachinesEnables you to quickly build, deploy, and effectively manage development and test environments on the cloud.

Lift & ShiftMigration without changes to your source code, while providing an integration with on-site applications or data.

Product as a ServiceDevelopment of applications that ensure high performance with our Cloud based services.

Internet as a ServiceSimplify your entire IT setup, and bring in higher efficiency with our core infrastructure migration, cloud storage, identity, access management, and hybrid IT services.

3. Cloud Applications

Do you want to continue to build world-class web applications, but do you also wish to close the door in the server room? Here at SoHo Dragon we can help!

Offer you technologically adept application development services for Microsoft Cloud environments.

We understand, and can relate to, your requirements and bring out expertise to the table.

We provide ideas to push the technology to the limit, and get most out of your technology investments.

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