About Us

We breathe fire into your business.

Who we are

Whether you are reading the Wall Street Journal, watching Fox News, or glancing through a Mcgraw-Hill publication, it is difficult for a New Yorker to have not used services from companies that have invested their business in the Microsoft technology.


What we do

We create intranets, business process automations, data integrations, and end-user experiences to truly collaborate – bringing employees, customers and partners together!

We are 100% Microsoft: it’s not just a department, it is all we do.

Our Clients

Why us

A partner is involved in every project, and all projects are led by a subject-matter expert. He/she will gain a deep understanding of your needs, and knows how to accomplish them.

We do not hire tourist consultants for your project.

We deliver precisely what the situation demands.

We deliberately work ourselves out of a job at the end of the project – you become the owner of the process.

Our name

Have you wondered: “Why are they called SoHo Dragon?” Well, you’re not the only one…

The vast majority of our business is conducted in the New York Metro area, hence the first part of our name “SoHo”.

“Dragon” refers to being powerful and strong. We build robust technology solutions and work hard to light the fire of success!

Our name has nothing to do with the Vietnam war – Douglas AC-47D Spooky AKA “Puff the Magic Dragon”!


Our company is built upon a foundation of these four core values:

Integrity | doing what we say we’re going to do

Leadership | making the people around us better

Commitment | helping, and taking care of customers, partners and team members

Realistic | with your timelines and expectations, our approach and the delivered technology

We bring these values to our job every day to ensure a great -working- environment for our team, partners, and customers.


Peter Ward

Co-owner and CTO

Skilled SharePoint solution architect and collaboration software professional. Authored four best-selling SharePoint books. Determined leader, patient mentor and trustworthy partner.

Jim Blottman

Co-owner and COO

Committed and well-rounded technology executive with comprehensive experience in the IT sphere. Knowledgeable leader with proven track record of achieving consistent long-term revenue growth.

Anna Jhaveri

Technical Lead

Extensive experience with various Microsoft technologies. Brings excellence to solution design, implementation, and product customization within different SharePoint products.

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